DOUBLE BARREL. Two doob tubes + one lighter. Smell proof!

$21.01 $23.35

Two doob tubes + one lighter! The Double Barrel conveniently fits in your pocket and makes fumbling for your smokes a thing of the past. It's a perfect accessory for hiking, golfing, snowboarding, concert-going, picnicking, you name it.

An elastic band and small wooden panel work in conjunction to securely clamp the doob tubes to the Double Barrel's back. Beside them lies a magnet that is perfectly placed to engage with a standard BIC lighter.

The included 116mm doob tubes are the same sort that every dispensary packages their pre-rolls in. They are easily removed and replaced, SMELL PROOF, and child resistant.

Device dimensions: 2.81" x 4.60" x 1.10"
*Papers are not included.
*For use with LEGAL herbs only. Respect your local laws!


Do you run a smoke shop or dispensary? Please contact for wholesale pricing!

Got this as a gift! Good quality, they loved it

This is a super handy little setup. We’ll made and fits perfectly in a pocket. Looks like a wallet in your pocket. Keeps everything close.

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