OG Hit Kit x5. Green.


Carry two joints and a lighter wherever you go! The OG Hit Kit conveniently fits in your pocket and makes fumbling for your smokes a thing of the past. It's a perfect accessory for hiking, golfing, snowboarding, concert-going, picnicking, you name it. All you gotta do is pop the lid, pull out a joint, and light up! It can also hold blunts.

$29.75 / 5 Hit Kits = $5.95 per Hit Kit before shipping.

Device dimensions: 1.39" x 1.34" x 4.2"
Maximum joint dimensions: 4.05" long, 0.50" diameter
*BIC lighter is not included.
*For use with LEGAL herbs only. Respect your local laws!


Do you run a smoke shop or dispensary? Please contact for wholesale pricing!

Ingenious, convenient and cute!!!!

Love this, I will say the only thing you have to be careful about is the lid, if you use it frequently the plastic hinge gets weak and is easy to snap. It still works with the broken hinge you just have more to keep track of lol

Legal imprint