OG HIT KIT. Double joint/blunt holder, doob tube, pre-roll case. Container also holds your lighter! Green version

$6.97 $7.75

Carry two joints and a lighter wherever you go! The OG Hit Kit conveniently fits in your pocket and makes fumbling for your smokes a thing of the past. It's a perfect accessory for hiking, golfing, snowboarding, concert-going, picnicking, you name it. All you gotta do is pop the lid, pull out a joint, and light up! It can also hold blunts.

Device dimensions: 1.39" x 1.34" x 4.2"
Maximum joint dimensions: 4.05" long, 0.50" diameter
*Lighter and papers are not included
*For use with LEGAL herbs only. Respect your local laws!


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Nice item, great price

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